We’re Updating our Quality Assurance Program

[fa icon="calendar"] August 11, 2014 / The Call Center School

Some exciting news for our students!

We’re currently updating our Quality Assurance program. Our revised “Building a Quality Monitoring Form” course will be available on Learn, on August 15.

Every business knows how difficult it is to keep existing customers. How can you be sure that your Frontline staff are representing your company and its vision? A good quality monitoring form will help you identify what you’re doing well, and what needs to be changed.

Even if you have an established form, when was the last time you revised it? Most industry experts recommend that quality monitoring forms should be reviewed annually. Is it time to check how well your form really meets your customers’ needs?

We appreciate that your time is valuable. Our new course consolidates the existing Building a Quality Monitoring Form Parts 1 and 2, and Defining Call Standards, into one comprehensive course that will guide you through the challenge of building a new quality monitoring form, or updating your existing one.

The new course is engaging and informative, with practical exercises and essential information to help you gain the skills you need.

We hope you enjoy the course!

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