We’re Updating our Call Center Supervision Program

[fa icon="calendar"] March 4, 2016 / Philip Barron

Shiny new training content is en route to your center!

We’ve got some exciting news for our students!

Our content development team are, this very second, putting the finishing touches to a brand new Supervision course. Introducing, “Performance Management”.

Ask any group of contact center supervisors what their most important tasks are and one answer will generally stand tall above all others. Coaching. By effectively managing and coaching performance, supervisors can assist agents daily, in a continued effort to maximize agent potential and ensure they go the extra mile for every single customer.

Here at The Call Center School, we appreciate how difficult it can be to place priority on and maximize agent performance in a bustling center environment. The new course explores the five steps of a successful Performance Management program, using our very own E.M.I.T.S. model. From measuring agent performance against center expectations, to identifying performance gaps and scrutinizing agent behaviors, the course equips supervisors with the essential skills and knowledge required to focus their efforts where they’ll be most effective.

You'll find "Performance Management" via our Learn LMS on Monday, May 16. The course will replace the existing “Setting the Standards” and “Don’t Know, Can’t, Won’t Model” courses that are currently available within the “Call Center Supervision” program.

If you’ve previously attempted or completed either existing course mentioned, all current progress will be lost. If you've already been awarded Mastery Certification for the Supervision program, your certification will remain valid. However, on further attempts of Mastery Certification, you must complete any new course content before you're granted access to take the Mastery Exam.

With the introduction of the new course, you may also notice your current completion progress for the "Call Center Supervision" program change ever so slightly. There's absolutely no need to panic. To ensure your skills are kept sharp and continually up-to-date, user progress is always changed accordingly with the introduction of new content. In order to maintain your completion progress in Learn, we strongly recommend completing any new content assigned to you, as it becomes available.

Text-heavy presentations are learning approach we disagree with and avoid at every opportunity. Through the use of engaging and interactive scenarios, "Performance Management" ensures all students benefit from an educational and enjoyable e-learning experience from beginning to end.

Should you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to contact us.

We hope you enjoy the course!

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Philip Barron

Written by Philip Barron

Phil Barron joined The Call Center School as an E-learning Developer in 2011. His background within various contact center roles helps him to bring his first-hand experiences to life, in the form of engaging and interactive training content.