Why the concept of "The Power of One" is important to your contact center

How one agent can make a substantial difference

Research has shown that the main reason customers choose not to return is not because of pricing or product issues. Most customers don't return due to poor service. Your frontline agents can make all the difference. They can give every single customer a reason to return.

Sound like a lot of power? Well, it is.


How can trainers provide frontline agents with terrific training experiences?

The Trusted T.A.C.O.S. Model for Contact Center Trainers.

The lasting reputation and ultimate sustainability of any organization rests heavily on the shared efforts of every agent on the call floor. If half-hearted, unfocused efforts are the peak of the customer care on offer, contact centers and the organizations financially supporting their existence can, and have, crumbled overnight.


Go the extra mile. Succeed as the agent! Be The Customer.

It’s a crowded global marketplace out there, bursting at the seams with consumers who each have very different requirements, at different times, via different support channels. With that in mind, many organizations still strongly believe that it's as impossible to make a sweeping generalization about what every single customer expects than it is to sneeze with your eyes open.


How does The Call Center School develop rich e-learning content?

A very, very brief insight into our e-learning development process

E-learning, irrespective of subject matter, is described as the process of utilizing electronic technologies to access educational content outside the four walls of a traditional classroom. Quite a broad description, right?


Home training for call center agents doesn’t have to be a headache!

Working from home provides agents with the ability to perform the tasks they’d usually perform on a contact center floor, in the comfort of their own homes. As home agents communicate with telephone customers, respond to questions on social media, and answer email queries, many still question their focus, in their absence from the physical call floor.


Playing to learn - Is there really a place for gamification in e-learning?

Here at The Call Center School, we’ve always been firm believers in the philosophy that learning by doing empowers students to strive for technical excellence. Not only does it instil confidence in students to solve problems autonomously, but they immediately become active participants on their very own learning journey.


Does e-learning really have a place in contact centers?

A typical Google search for “Why e-learning?” yields approximately 3,950,000 results within seconds. Seems pretty impressive at first glance, right?


In-House Training Content and Exams. TCCS Has It Covered!

From agents engaging with customers on a bustling call floor to trainers delivering essential training to a classroom of students, we understand the daily logistics of the everyday contact center.


The Call Center School. Keeping you on top of your game!

Albert Einstein once said, “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving”. We thought about this for a while. We then considered that Einstein also said, “wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it”. It sent our minds spiraling into a state of creative overdrive.


Assessing Ongoing Training in the Contact Center

Agent training shouldn’t stop as soon as the new-hire orientation and initial training period is complete. Contact center training is an ongoing evolutionary process. The goal of any contact center’s ongoing training program is to provide training for the skills necessary to perform the job, plus training for skills necessary to enhance ongoing performance.