Does e-learning really have a place in contact centers?

A typical Google search for “Why e-learning?” yields approximately 3,950,000 results within seconds. Seems pretty impressive at first glance, right?


Does blended learning really have a place in the contact center?

The rise in e-learning popularity is showing no signs of slowing any time in the near future. It’s rapidly changing the way we look at knowledge and skill acquisition and provides students with a much more impressive, and more effective, learning experience than ever before. Seems like a perfect addition to any contact center.


E-learning or Classroom Training?

Everyone agrees that training is vital in enabling your agents to achieve their full potential. But what is the best medium for delivering that training? The ideal scenario is to have high quality at a low cost - but is that possible?


Streamline your training with Cloud Learning

Software technology has significantly impacted the education sector in recent years. In 1995, 4% of American corporations were using online learning facilities. By 2011, the use of online learning had increased to 77% (source). The advancements in technology have enabled education providers to deliver training in a much more cost-effective and time-efficient manner than ever before.


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