Get Our First E-Book to Help Train Your Remote Agents

Remote work isn’t the future. It’s the present. With more at-home agents today, your service teams need training now more than ever. That’s why The Call Center School has created its first e-book, “Agents at Home: How to Start Your Online Training Program.”

This free guide will help you get started with remote training. It features insights if you want to take your curriculum online or wish to create new courses on-the-fly. You’ll learn:

  • How to select the right training format for your learning objectives
  • What types of technologies are available for you and your remote team
  • The easiest, most cost-effective way to move your curriculum online
  • How to create an e-learning video class

Staffing Up: How to Setup Remote Training the Right Way

Your commitment to customer experience has led you to hire more remote staff to keep up with your demand. Bravo! Now, what? If you relied on in-person or group training sessions in the past, you may face challenges today.

New hires help you in the long run, but they can take up a lot of your short-term bandwidth. Experienced employees, who were once the go-to people, may not be available to help train. These employees may have time constraints or critical work to do.


The Call Center School Launches Free Course on Working Remotely for Contact Centers During the Corona Crisis

At The Call Center School, we create engaging e-learning courses for training contact center employees (for frontline agents, supervisor, quality assurance, and workforce management). With the current outbreak of the coronavirus, contact centers face an entire new set of challenges. To prevent a further outbreak and protect their employees, many centers have quickly moved to remote work scenarios. This, however, can be challenging for employees that are not used to working from home.

To support the contact center community during these challenging times, we have put together a free e-learning course on remote work for contact center employees. In just 20 minutes, this course helps prepare your employees to work from home. It covers the advantages, challenges, and best practices for remote contact center work.


Ongoing Contact Center Training - The Key to Mastery

How do I gain mastery? Have you ever asked yourself this question when thinking about your job? Especially when one is new to a particular area, we all wish to acquire all the necessary skills as quickly as possible. However, gaining mastery is not something that you achieve overnight. Instead, it is about learning and practicing, over and over again, for months and often years.

Think of a pianist. In order to become highly skilled in playing the piano, ongoing training and practice are fundamental. Proper initial training, that teaches the basic techniques of piano playing, is important, but it is far from sufficient to master the instrument. A good pianist trains regularly and practices each new piano piece many times before presenting it to an audience.


Tips to Master Live Chat Service

In this day and age, we are used to communicating through short text messages in real-time. We are connecting with our friends and loved ones via SMS text, iMessage, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and thousands of other apps. So it should come as no surprise that the popularity of customer service via live chat is increasing.

Customers value the quick, on-point service that is delivered while they can keep on working on other tasks at the same time.

For contact centers it is effective because it saves time, labor, and money. Agents can handle multiple customer requests at the same time, the communication is short and not as repetitive as emails, so that customers can get an instant response to their questions.