The Call Center School Launches Professional Services

[fa icon="calendar"] April 27, 2020 / Juliet Rizek

Companies and teams are adapting to many changes today. Whether you are staffing up, skilling up or keeping up, The Call Center School is ready to help you. We are now offering professional services for companies that need custom e-learning solutions.

Our current offering includes:

  • Interactive, impactful e-learning built from your existing training materials.

How it works: You give us your PowerPoints, PDFs, and static training materials. We will convert them into interactive, video-based e-learning. Transform your boring presentations into engaging, dynamic resources that enhance your learning goals.

  • Alignment of our current courses with your brand.

How it works: Our courses and certifications are industry-recognized. If you have a need, we can white-label and modify our materials to fit your curriculum. We can alter it to fit your branding, business, or mission.

  • Instructional material and advisory consultation.

How it works: Need help structuring or showcasing your resources digitally? Want to know the best practices for a customer service topic? Our team of subject matter experts and instructional designers is available to advise you.


The need for better e-learning for contact centers has never been greater. More contact center teams are working from home. Customer behavior has changed, and customer care has never been more essential. In response to these changes, your teams need the right information and training to adapt.

The Call Center School wants to be your partner for success. Professional services ensure you have the right training tools tailored to your brand or industry. If you wish to incorporate one of our videos or enhance your training, we want to be there for you.

Are our professional services right for you?

Our services are for training professionals who want to:

  • Transform their offline materials into e-learning.
  • Improve the quality and presentation of their digital learning materials.
  • Meet a deadline, but have limited development support.
  • Achieve a custom learning goal or customer service skill mastery.
  • Add interactive quizzes to engage and track the learning process.

Better e-learning starts today

As you adapt to today's challenges, we want to help you succeed. Empowered employees make a difference for your customers. The first step to empower your team? Better e-learning tailored to your business. With professional services, our team of industry experts is ready to help you adapt and make your mark. Boost your e-learning today. 

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Juliet Rizek

Written by Juliet Rizek

Juliet works at the intersection of marketing and customer experience for The Call Center School. Her superpowers are researching, writing and problem-solving. Her favorite topics include organizational communications, technology, customer journeys and team empowerment.