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Staffing Up: How to Setup Remote Training the Right Way

Juliet Rizek 3 min read
Staffing Up: How to Setup Remote Training the Right Way

Your commitment to customer experience has led you to hire more remote staff to keep up with your demand. Bravo! Now, what? If you relied on in-person or group training sessions in the past, you may face challenges today.

New hires help you in the long run, but they can take up a lot of your short-term bandwidth. Experienced employees, who were once the go-to people, may not be available to help train. These employees may have time constraints or critical work to do.

How do you handle capacity limitations and get your new hires ready? Here is an efficient, scalable way to help you get started:

Empower your new employees to learn online

To succeed today, you will need to make your onboarding process accessible online. As a first step, you’ll need to compile your training resources into one central location. You can use a secure shared folder or a learning management system (LMS) to simplify access.

Consider a learning management system

A learning management system is a secure portal that contains your learning materials. It can store videos, PDFs, quizzes, and more. Unlike a shared folder, it adapts your content into a learning path and allows you to track progress.

For example, if you have a Day 1-10 training curriculum, your LMS will allow you to structure your content in this way. You'll be able to see where your employees are getting stuck, as well.

What is the biggest advantage of an LMS? It enables your new employees to start learning at their own pace. With a clear path of what they will need to achieve, your new hires can manage their own time and success.

When you have a self-paced program, learning becomes as individual as your hires are. Your new employees can focus on topics that are new to them while skimming those they are proficient in. You can avoid the pitfalls and boredom of a one-size-fits-all classroom.

If the cost of an LMS is prohibitive, try the learning management system from The Call Center School. It’s free. It's user friendly. No catch.

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Save your time and resources for what matters

Test to identify skills and gaps

After putting your resources online, you may need to create tests. Short quizzes are useful to help your learners stay engaged. They also help you identify skill gaps that individuals may have.

Some new employees require less training. Others may need more time for self-study, coaching or in-field training. With a self-paced online program, you can pinpoint topics that individuals may need extra help with. With this knowledge, you can allocate your resources better.

By having your new hires do self-paced training, you free up your trainer from having to teach and assess. Your trainer can simply assess each learner. Then, the trainer can come up with a personalized plan for each new hire. These individual post-onboarding plans should factor in your resources and capacity.

For employees who need to work on soft skills or job fundamentals, you may want to consider professional courses from The Call Center School. Outsourced courses can save you time and money when you need materials quickly.

For brand or company skill, you may need to pair your hire with an employee with advanced knowledge. For example, you may have a technical employee mentor new hires who need an extra tech boost. You can also try to have your new hires shadow your proficient employee’s customer interactions.

Get support when you need it

If your employees are at capacity, another approach is to hire learning consultants. The benefit of hiring consultants are:

  • Your custom e-learning gets created on your timeline.
  • You don't have to disrupt your team’s work.

Experienced consultants can create the self-paced, e-learning materials you need. Instead of spending time on new hires and creating new training content, your employees can focus. They can devote their attention to what matters most: your customers.

Help from The Call Center School

If you already have e-learning materials created, but need an extra boost: The Call Center School can help. Contact us to learn about professional services.

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