Playing to learn - Is there really a place for gamification in e-learning?

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Here at The Call Center School, we’ve always been firm believers in the philosophy that learning by doing empowers students to strive for technical excellence. Not only does it instil confidence in students to solve problems autonomously, but they immediately become active participants on their very own learning journey.

Over the years we’ve experienced first-hand the old fashioned methods of presenting easily digestible information. Although the web is bursting at the seams with long-winded articles and off-the-wall theories on delivering effective, first class training, nurturing students’ self-awareness and abilities really is the foundation of their success.

Many may ponder and question, “How?”.

Well, by embracing gamification in e-learning, students can drive their own brains and reflect on and apply their own experiences to realistic, relatable scenarios. The outcome? Flexible, adaptive thinkers, who hop and skip along a prosperous learning path.

How exactly does gamification come into the equation?

While some of us may have may have swung in our seats and expressed dismay during somewhat tedious lectures in college, it’s important to understand exactly what’s going on in our bodies when we find enjoyment in a particular topic of interest.

When we do something well and our brains recognize that we deserve a reward, our bodies produce four chemicals: endorphins, oxytocin, serotonin, and dopamine. These chemicals have played an important role in our evolution. They’ve taught us to identify when something is good for us, and when we should persist with it. They’ve also taught us to strive for more, to overcome failure, and to seek reward.

Why is this important? Because we find games rewarding!

Gamification enables us to develop visually appealing stories and scenarios, presenting students with achievable learning objectives. By reinforcing existing behaviours in a fun, interactive manner, students can explore and retain information that isn’t presented as a monotonous, text heavy presentation or poorly printed pop quiz.

Gamification and gaming are oceans apart

E-learning gamification is much more than a late night session on your favourite game, honing your skills as you progress through each checkpoint.

While gaming can be a fun and relaxing hobby, gamification is actually pretty serious business. Let’s face it, we want students to learn, not dislocate their thumbs gaming!

So, to all the gaming gurus out there, gamification is the concept of applying game-design thinking to non-game applications, for the sole purpose of facilitating learner engagement and knowledge retention.

Our biggest goal is your personal and professional development

Providing students with a welcoming, purpose-built learning environment they can interact with easily isn’t something we shy away from. We’re well aware that providing just the right measure of stimulus and positive encouragement, at just the right time, is key to success in any physical or digital classroom.

As learners encapsulate themselves in a web of scenarios that physically place them in their everyday job role, the continual process of achieving satisfying goals, being rewarded for their efforts, and receiving regular, constructive feedback, results in the chemically induced motivation they need to progress on their learning journey.

E-learning with all the toppings is what we do

As our genius development team continue on a quest to harness the natural disposition that rewards learner stimulus, injecting gamification into our e-learning is high on our to-do list.

While Benjamin Franklin's, “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” statement wasn’t recited today or yesterday, it fits the learning by doing philosophy like a glove.

Our bodies are amazing at anticipating rewards with a sudden burst of the aforementioned chemicals. Think about how immediately excited we become when the pizza guy (or girl) rings the doorbell. While it’s always an exciting experience receiving a fresh pizza with a generous helping of hot toppings, the cause of the associated chemical release never changes. Motivation.

While we can’t deliver a lavish pizza to your door on game night, we can deliver engaging, rich e-learning to your screens.

And yes, our offering is available anytime, anywhere!

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Philip Barron

Written by Philip Barron

Phil Barron joined The Call Center School as an E-learning Developer in 2011. His background within various contact center roles helps him to bring his first-hand experiences to life, in the form of engaging and interactive training content.

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