No Agent Left Behind-The Ability to Monitor Training Progress is Now Available!

[fa icon="calendar"] July 10, 2014 / The Call Center School

You know the importance of call center training and the difference one agent can make, but are you worried your students may not be getting the message? What if they aren’t even completing their training? With our new reporting capabilities you are able to monitor students progress at the glance of a screen.

This new monitoring feature includes a visual dashboard displaying student progress. It can be used to track overall progress for all students or be broken by individual student, content series, course or even module.

You can even conveniently download Certificates for students who have completed Mastery Certification directly from your dashboard!

If ALL your call center staff isn’t currently participating in training, they should be. Our unified approach will drive home similar fundamentals at every level of your call center operations, whether it be the frontline agent, the call center supervisor, the quality analyst, or the workforce manager.

An educated call center with everyone trained on how to best perform their role results in less turnover, greater job satisfaction, increased performance, and higher revenues. Our new progress tracking feature makes it easier than ever for you to train your call center staff giving them the tools they need for your call center to succeed.

Want to start monitoring student progress right now?

All administrators need to do in order to access this feature is to make sure they select “trainer” in their user profile.

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