Webinar Announcement - Reinventing Frontline Staffing Strategies in Contact Centers

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Today's world is in a constant state of change which is affecting society as well as the economy. In the last century, businesses have come a long way in creating a modern workplace for a demanding and increasingly self-determined workforce. Especially in the contact center industry, which is heavily influenced by employee attrition, recruiting, training as well as motivating the right people with the right skills can be a real challenge. Our free webinar series on 'Agent Staffing in 2020' is designed to help you overcome this challenge.


Agent Staffing in 2020

Your frontline staff look very different than ten, five, or even two years ago. One reason they’re different may be due to agent attrition, since turnover is at an all-time high and you have a constant sea of new faces. But even the staff you’ve managed to keep around are different agents today.

The growth of self-service tools and artificial intelligence (AI) have funneled off the easy calls, so the more difficult contacts are handled by staff that must be “smarter than Google” to get through the day. And now a majority of those frontline staff are working from home.

New tools and technologies, shifting work environments, and evolving employee priorities are changing the way we must think about contact center staffing. 

You need to ask yourself, how do you hire the people best suited to this new environment? What can you do to ensure they are productive and happy on the job?

In this first webinar about 'Reinventing Frontline Staffing Strategies in Contact Centers', we will explore five key ingredients for hiring, training, scheduling, coaching, and motivating today’s evolving workforce. 

What you will learn:
  • How to hire the people best suited to your contact center environment
  • What you can do to keep your staff productive and happy
  • How to successfully, train, coach and motivate your workforce
  • What to consider when scheduling the right people with the right skills at the right time 

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What industry experts say about Staffing in 2020

We will be talking with industry expert Penny Reynolds, a Co-Founder of The Call Center School and thought leader in the area of call center workforce planning and management. She develops and teaches courses on a wide variety of call center topics, including workforce management, performance measurement, and call center technologies. In our webinar, Penny will share with you some valuable insights and best-practices on agent staffing strategies.

To get you excited for this very first webinar (Vol. 1) in our series, we compiled a few upfront insights brought to you by our expert guest:

The majority of frontline agents are now working from home and they need an updated skill set in order to handle today’s increasingly complicated calls. It means we must reexamine hiring protocols, reconsider training models, and review the ways we motivate agents in order to maintain a happy and productive workforce."  - Penny Reynolds

Jim Quiggins, an experienced industry veteran will moderate this webinar. He emphasizes the urgency of the topic:

"The contact center experience for customers and agents is at a significant inflection point. This creates an opportunity to re-imagine the way we design and operate customer contact processes." - Jim Quiggins

Jim has spent several decades in the contact center industry, having worked for numerous industry-leading companies. Currently Jim serves InVision as the Customer Experience Leader to support the products of injixo and The Call Center School.


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Reinventing Frontline Staffing Strategies

Thursday, September 17, 11AM (CDT) / 4 PM (GMT)

Join our free webinar and benefit from helpful and practical takeaways to reinvent and revolutionize your frontline staffing strategies today. 

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