Webinar Announcement - Re-imagining High Volume Recruiting for Contact Centers

[fa icon="calendar"] October 7, 2020 / The Call Center School

The next webinar in our series on 'Agent Staffing in 2020' will focus on a crucial topic that every business is concerned about. Together with industry expert Irene Chung, Co-founder and CEO at StellarEmploy, we will dive into the tools and methods available to achieve great outcomes for open frontline roles.

Make sure to save your seat and join us at 11:00 AM Chicago Time on October 15, 2020.

Are you hiring the right talent for your contact center operations? 

It’s commonplace to say hiring is hard, particularly for frontline roles. Deep-seated industry challenges include knowing who will be good and how to meet and onboard great recruits. Unique to high-volume recruiting though are certain advantages. This includes the amount of data given the number of placements and the velocity and measurability of hiring outcomes.


In the first webinar on our series on 'Agent Staffing in 2020: Reinventing Frontline Staffing Strategies in Contact Centers', we explored five key ingredients for hiring, training, scheduling, coaching, and motivating today’s evolving workforce. 


This webinar will dive into the tools and methods available to achieve great outcomes for open frontline roles.

What you will learn:

  • How to hire people uniquely suited to your environment
  • How to evaluate hiring assessments for efficacy and bias
  • How to use data to improve your hiring outcomes over time
  • How to set up a high functioning recruiting funnel

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Webinar volume 2 - agent staffing in 2020

Join industry experts in the discussion

We will be talking with industry expert Irene Chung, Co-Founder and CEO of StellarEmploy. She has more than ten years of experience advising businesses on recruiting and talent. Irene co-founded StellarEmploy to improve hiring outcomes in frontline jobs. This includes roles in customer support, hospitality, retail, warehousing, and manufacturing. Irene's expertise is in better enabling recruiting through software automation, data science, and behavioral science. Irene began her career in executive search at Fidelity Investments. She later became a management consultant at The Bridgespan Group focusing on social impact.

In our webinar, Irene will share with you some valuable insights and best-practices on how to reimagine high volume recruiting in your contact center.

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At 11:00 AM Chicago Time on October 15, 2020

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