In-House Training Content and Exams. TCCS Has It Covered!

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From agents engaging with customers on a bustling call floor to trainers delivering essential training to a classroom of students, we understand the daily logistics of the everyday contact center.

Consider in-house training efforts. We’re all conscious of the fact that knowledge and skills acquisition is the positive end product of continual learning. Nevertheless, how is in-house training content really handled in the classroom?

Since the dawn of contact centers, Training Departments have developed and hosted their own content for internal use. With stringent content storage policies in most centers, definitive network folder structures and appropriate naming conventions are an all too familiar maintenance nightmare for most trainers.

Sounds like the prime opportunity to introduce our new ‘Content Uploader’ and ‘Exam Builder’ functionality!

Upload Your Own Content

So you’ve spent the afternoon creating a PDF document on Fire Safety, or polishing the workflow of an interactive Captivate composition on customer callback procedures.

What’s next? Where do you store it? How do you access it?

The ability to host your own content on our Learning Management System (LMS) immediately eliminates any requirement for internal storage and file sharing efforts.

Our intuitive interface provides you with the ability to host your own content in a ‘Program > Course > Module’ structure similar to our very own TCCS content. What’s more, file type restrictions will never be the headache holding up a training session.

We appreciate the confidential nature of your training content. You can be assured by our promise to host your content securely. We provide you with the ability to share content with only the students you specify within the system.

Build Your Own Exams

Manually creating exams in a basic Word document and distributing a hard copy to every student in the classroom isn’t a new phenomenon in most centers. Even more tedious is the ‘after class’ process trainers have of manually scoring results and recording them for future use on a boring spreadsheet. As naturally error-prone as the process sounds, most centers have no alternative but to do so, until now.

With the means to upload your own content comes the ability to create assessments. Regardless of file format, you can quickly create a pool of questions that are relevant to the topics presented in each uploaded module.

Content assessments can be generated at the click of a button. The LMS will automatically collect and combine the questions you’ve defined for your modules and generate an assessment in a similar, linear fashion to our TCCS Mastery Certification assessments. Training progress and exam results for your content can also be managed using our visual, user-friendly Training Progress dashboard.

Continual Learning Has No Red “Stop” Button

It’s time to hurl sluggish network folders and photocopied exams in the trash!

Our ‘Content Uploader’ and ‘Exam Builder’ functionality is now available to all TCCS users at absolutely no extra cost. The functionality is also available to TCCS Trial users.

We’ll take care of your content as if it was our own!

Questions? Feel free to contact us anytime.

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Philip Barron

Written by Philip Barron

Phil Barron joined The Call Center School as an E-learning Developer in 2011. His background within various contact center roles helps him to bring his first-hand experiences to life, in the form of engaging and interactive training content.

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