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Five Call Center School Tips to Exceed Customer Expectations this Christmas

Philip Barron 3 min read
Five Call Center School Tips to Exceed Customer Expectations this Christmas

Well, it’s that time again. As children wait patiently for Santa Claus and our cameras become loaded with shots of happy times, the festive season is yet again upon us. While lasting memories are prevalent, frustration, disappointment and boiling tensions are also always rife at this time of year. Why oh why might you ask? Well, with stringent time, resources, and cash allocations, customers are right at this very moment scrambling to check every single item off their to-do lists before Christmas Eve!

Considering festive customer service from an organizational perspective, it matters not one fraction if you’re a family-owned business selling handcrafted Christmas tree baubles or a huge, comfortably funded retailer selling mass-produced goods online. Whatever your offering entails, customer expectations of a prompt, professional service can’t follow any closer behind every single customer transaction if they tried.

Being the cool, customer-centric team we are, we’ve learned to appreciate that the festive season is manic and heated not only for customers, but for service representatives too. We wholeheartedly understand that being on the frontline of customer service can be a particularly daunting, very challenging prospect, especially over the Christmas period. The good news is that we’re here to help.

With the season of goodwill in full swing, we’ve appeased (temporarily!) our very apt daydreams of turkey, stuffing, and homely fireside comforts to bring you our top five tips for spreading festive customer service cheer. Let’s waste no time!

#1: Smile

'Tis the season to be jolly.

It really doesn’t matter how you’re interacting with customers. What prevails every single time a happy, positive mentality. Believe it or not, a simple smile on your face has the standalone power to reflect a can-do attitude on your face, in your vocal tone, and even on your fingertips. It may come as a surprise, but smiling really is free. Utilize its power today to lay strong, lasting foundations for positive customer interactions going forward.

#2: Never, ever doubt your ability

Lasting impressions are just as vital as first impressions.

It's not a new, shocking phenomenon, but every single customer you communicate with expects a first class standard of service. There’s absolutely no room for any arguments or alternatives that suggest otherwise. Who cares if the product or service you provide support for is rated the best in the world? Trust us, if customer experiences are undermined by uninviting center processes or poorly considered service interactions, that amazing offering is as useless as an ashtray on a Harley Davidson.

#3: Always, always go the extra mile

Customer expectations must never be shushed or compromised.

Before anyone asks, we really aren’t preaching broken record politics here. Exceeding customer expectations really is the fundamental ingredient in the recipe of lasting relations and positive brand advocacy. While having real life web-shooters like Spider-Man would be awesome, we’re all living, breathing humans (for now!). We’re all aware that innocent, very natural mishaps do happen to us all, however being there for customers when they need you matters most.

#4: Keep giving the gift of timely resolution

Keep your average handle time low and your customer service efforts high.

The Christmas bug bites us all in some form at this time of year. With the season comes heightened stress and panic, which makes for limited time and short fused frustrations. It’s your responsibility to help customers as soon as they make contact. What's more, a well-structured process should be adhered to daily, so you can access customer information at ease and ultimately facilitate a personalized experience that caters for every single customer’s requirements.

#5: Squash any Scroogey Symptoms

Bah Humbug behaviors have no place during customer interactions.

Customer service embodies the warm, welcoming Spirit of Christmas. It’s about service, giving of yourself, and helping others at a time of need. Customer service isn’t selling, or taking, or wanting from customers. It’s about helping, giving, sharing, and guiding customers in a time of need and togetherness.

Let TCCS steer your 2016 success

Let’s face it, there isn’t a rock big enough to hide from the festive season in all it’s commercialized, universally recognized glory. Despite the happy memories and increased sense of joviality, customers will always expect contact centers to operate as if it’s just a normal day.

Being prepared for the festive period in your center not only ensures a great customer experience for 2015, but it also helps nurture relationships that branch into 2016. We hope our tips help streamline your center's processes. We’d also like to take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year.

We’ll be back in 2016 to continue on our quest of maximizing and optimizing contact center processes.

Until then, keep knocking those customer expectations out of the park!

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