Enhancements to the Frontline Fundamentals Program

[fa icon="calendar"] August 14, 2014 / Philip Barron

Great news for our students!

We’re continuing to update our Frontline Fundamentals program. The revised “Email Essentials” course will be available on Learn, on August 15.

Sending an email without proofreading is like leaping before you look. When you send an email, you transmit what is perceived by recipients as a permanent, written record of your thoughts on a particular subject. If your emails are riddled with grammatical mistakes, misused words, and poorly structured sentences, it could cause an immediate negative impression of yourself, and the company you represent.

In email communications, agents are limited to using words, and only words, to effectively communicate and relay accurate information to customers. The “Email Essentials” course helps agents understand the best practices for using basic punctuation in email communications. Agents will also learn how to choose the correct words and tense, and why slang and text speak are a no-go for any professional email.

The course is not a boring English language lecture; instead, through the use of engaging and interactive activities, the conventional email is dissected into understandable components, presenting valuable techniques for structuring an impressive, perfect email every time.

We hope you enjoy the course!

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Philip Barron

Written by Philip Barron

Phil Barron joined The Call Center School as an E-learning Developer in 2011. His background within various contact center roles helps him to bring his first-hand experiences to life, in the form of engaging and interactive training content.