Does blended learning really have a place in the contact center?

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The rise in e-learning popularity is showing no signs of slowing any time in the near future. It’s rapidly changing the way we look at knowledge and skill acquisition and provides students with a much more impressive, and more effective, learning experience than ever before. Seems like a perfect addition to any contact center.

As absolutely faultless as it seems, how much of an impact does e-learning really have on the contact center? In a continued effort to find the perfect balance between a positive learning experience and technology, what does the future hold for dedicated, on-site Training Departments who until the introduction of rich e-learning solutions were fully responsible for delivering all training efforts to classroom after classroom of students?

It’s much more than a talking PowerPoint

Some trainers may have experienced poorly developed e-learning offerings in the early days of development. It’s also very possible that some are sceptical of the benefits e-learning can bring to the classroom. Nevertheless, others appreciate that it can offer countless opportunities to engage students and create an enjoyable learning experience.

As professionals who have been involved in every cog of the contact center wheel, we’re fully aware of the understandable fears associated with considering e-learning a valuable investment to the Training Department. Although e-learning is defined as the use of technology to enable people to learn anytime and anywhere, concerns such as, “Why should a company renew my contract if a fancy e-learning tutorial can be provided on screen to students?” are much more common than many realize.

It’s easy to appreciate the satisfaction trainers receive when they see at first hand the moment a classroom of enthusiastic students begin to understand the principles and concepts they’ve been presented. By providing focused e-learning that can be integrated effortlessly into any physical training environment, our mission is to help trainers understand how they can embrace the power of e-learning as a positive step toward optimizing their training efforts and striving for success.

Optimizing your valuable training time

To wrap things up, e-learning provides trainers with an arsenal of powerful yet easy-to-use training tools that can help quickly enhance the learning experience in any traditional classroom setting. Be assured that the power of e-learning and its extensive capabilities doesn’t stop dead at the classroom door.

Self-paced, easy to digest training nuggets help trainers dynamically apply and present their own creative perception of recognized learning concepts that are easily understood and thoroughly enjoyed by all.

Trainers, we’re here to help you embrace change!

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Philip Barron

Written by Philip Barron

Phil Barron joined The Call Center School as an E-learning Developer in 2011. His background within various contact center roles helps him to bring his first-hand experiences to life, in the form of engaging and interactive training content.