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We have some exciting news!

Four Mastery Examinations, one for each training program, are now available via injixo Learn. In addition, the examinations are completely free with each subscription, so there’s no need to worry about additional charges or invoices.

The comprehensive examinations focus on content learned throughout each program - Frontline Fundamentals, Workforce Management, Frontline Fundamentals and Quality Assurance. Digitally authenticated certificates are also available on successful completion of each examination.

The skill sets and examinations offered by The Call Center School are created by industry experts. The content is engaging, interactive and developed with the learner in mind at all times.

On completion of the Frontline Fundamentals program, students will be able to efficiently turn any negative customer into a positive one. Completion of the program also aids techniques for improving customer satisfaction and retention statistics. The mastery examination measures the development of such skills.

Students who successfully complete the Workforce Management program will be able to successfully manage operating costs, hire the right staff, and efficient staffing and scheduling techniques. Workforce Management doesn’t stop at the call center floor. The knowledge developed in this program can be used in any situation where Workforce Management applies.

Supervision is a key element in any contact center. The Supervision program helps certify students for salary discussions, performance management, and the utilization of reports and call coaching. The topics presented are essential for any supervisory position.

Without Quality Assurance in the contact center, customer satisfaction and retention can rapidly plummet. Successful completion of the Quality Assurance program ensures students gain the necessary skills and techniques for monitoring and coaching agents’ interactions with customers.

Becoming a competent call center employee is just a few clicks away with award-winning training from The Call Center School. Our training material is both nationally recognized and used daily in contact centers worldwide. Upon successful completion of the mastery examinations, all students will be fully prepared not only in the vast contact center role, but in essential life skills that can be applied elsewhere.

Good luck!

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