Juliet Rizek

Juliet works at the intersection of marketing and customer experience for The Call Center School. Her superpowers are researching, writing and problem-solving. Her favorite topics include organizational communications, technology, customer journeys and team empowerment.

Recent Posts by Juliet Rizek

Communication in a Crisis: How to Ensure Your Remote Team's Success

Whether in this crisis or in general, communication is critical to the success of your business. The communication stream between your frontline and upper management needs to be open. This enables your business to be nimble. It ensures your customers are being heard and your team adopts policy changes swiftly. But how do you strengthen organizational communication when most⁠— if not all⁠— of your team is remote?


How to Keep Your Remote Agents Happy & Motivated

Working from home has many benefits. You have a flexible schedule, zero commuting, and more time with loved ones. But it also has its drawbacks, especially for your frontline agents. Most remote employees face challenges. Agents may face these doubly since they often deal with customer problems, too.


The Call Center School Launches Professional Services

Companies and teams are adapting to many changes today. Whether you are staffing up, skilling up or keeping up, The Call Center School is ready to help you. We are now offering professional services for companies that need custom e-learning solutions.

Our current offering includes:

  • Interactive, impactful e-learning built from your existing training materials.

How it works: You give us your PowerPoints, PDFs, and static training materials. We will convert them into interactive, video-based e-learning. Transform your boring presentations into engaging, dynamic resources that enhance your learning goals.

  • Alignment of our current courses with your brand.

How it works: Our courses and certifications are industry-recognized. If you have a need, we can white-label and modify our materials to fit your curriculum. We can alter it to fit your branding, business, or mission.

  • Instructional material and advisory consultation.

How it works: Need help structuring or showcasing your resources digitally? Want to know the best practices for a customer service topic? Our team of subject matter experts and instructional designers is available to advise you.


Staffing Up: How to Setup Remote Training the Right Way

Your commitment to customer experience has led you to hire more remote staff to keep up with your demand. Bravo! Now, what? If you relied on in-person or group training sessions in the past, you may face challenges today.

New hires help you in the long run, but they can take up a lot of your short-term bandwidth. Experienced employees, who were once the go-to people, may not be available to help train. These employees may have time constraints or critical work to do.


Skill Up for Success: How to Focus on CX in Volatile Times

With the COVID-19 pandemic, contact centers are facing new challenges each day. Your customer volumes are fluctuating. Your agent availability may have decreased. If you’re new to at-home work, your team’s productivity may be waning. How do you adapt to these volatile times while still focusing on customer experience? One short answer: skill up.

There are many reasons why you’d want to skill up. You may want to train your employees with a backup skill, so they can pitch in when volumes are high. There may be new demand for a specific channel (like social or live chat) that you may need to train for. After all, introducing new or redundant skills among your agents is more cost-effective than hiring.