Webinar Announcement - Saving the Customer Experience, Once Tool Set at a Time

In our last webinar of our series 'Agent Staffing in 2020' we will focus on the question: "How can we ensure that the technology we bring into our organizations actually helps rather than hinders?" Together with Officium Labs CXO Nate Brown, we will look into the impacts of implementing new technologies from a Contact Center Agent's perspective. 

Make sure to sign up and join us on November 17, 2020, 11AM CT / 5PM GMT.


Webinar Announcement - Re-imagining High Volume Recruiting for Contact Centers

The next webinar in our series on 'Agent Staffing in 2020' will focus on a crucial topic that every business is concerned about. Together with industry expert Irene Chung, Co-founder and CEO at StellarEmploy, we will dive into the tools and methods available to achieve great outcomes for open frontline roles.

Make sure to save your seat and join us at 11:00 AM Chicago Time on October 15, 2020.


Webinar Announcement - Reinventing Frontline Staffing Strategies in Contact Centers

Today's world is in a constant state of change which is affecting society as well as the economy. In the last century, businesses have come a long way in creating a modern workplace for a demanding and increasingly self-determined workforce. Especially in the contact center industry, which is heavily influenced by employee attrition, recruiting, training as well as motivating the right people with the right skills can be a real challenge. Our free webinar series on 'Agent Staffing in 2020' is designed to help you overcome this challenge.


Our Latest Guide: How to Make Your Own Quick & Easy E-Learning

As a follow-up to our first e-book, The Call Center School has a new guide: "How to Make Your Own Quick & Easy E-Learning." Not quite ready for Professional Services? That's ok. This beginner's guide gives you step-by-step instructions to create a basic e-learning video.

If you need to create custom e-learning within the constraints of time, resources, or budget, then this guide is for you. You don't need special software or knowledge to follow the instructions.


Communication in a Crisis: How to Ensure Your Remote Team's Success

Whether in this crisis or in general, communication is critical to the success of your business. The communication stream between your frontline and upper management needs to be open. This enables your business to be nimble. It ensures your customers are being heard and your team adopts policy changes swiftly. But how do you strengthen organizational communication when most⁠— if not all⁠— of your team is remote?


Get Our First E-Book to Help Train Your Remote Agents

Remote work isn’t the future. It’s the present. With more at-home agents today, your service teams need training now more than ever. That’s why The Call Center School has created its first e-book, “Agents at Home: How to Start Your Online Training Program.”

This free guide will help you get started with remote training. It features insights if you want to take your curriculum online or wish to create new courses on-the-fly. You’ll learn:

  • How to select the right training format for your learning objectives
  • What types of technologies are available for you and your remote team
  • The easiest, most cost-effective way to move your curriculum online
  • How to create an e-learning video class

How to Keep Your Remote Agents Happy & Motivated

Working from home has many benefits. You have a flexible schedule, zero commuting, and more time with loved ones. But it also has its drawbacks, especially for your frontline agents. Most remote employees face challenges. Agents may face these doubly since they often deal with customer problems, too.


How to Get Started with Do-It-Yourself E-Learning

You or your boss have come up with a great plan: “let’s make an e-learning training ourselves!” Enthusiasm is high and the do-it-yourself mindset is very empowering. But how do you get started if this is your first time creating e-learning from scratch? Here are 3 steps that will help you make your e-learning a reality.


The Call Center School Launches Professional Services

Companies and teams are adapting to many changes today. Whether you are staffing up, skilling up or keeping up, The Call Center School is ready to help you. We are now offering professional services for companies that need custom e-learning solutions.

Our current offering includes:

  • Interactive, impactful e-learning built from your existing training materials.

How it works: You give us your PowerPoints, PDFs, and static training materials. We will convert them into interactive, video-based e-learning. Transform your boring presentations into engaging, dynamic resources that enhance your learning goals.

  • Alignment of our current courses with your brand.

How it works: Our courses and certifications are industry-recognized. If you have a need, we can white-label and modify our materials to fit your curriculum. We can alter it to fit your branding, business, or mission.

  • Instructional material and advisory consultation.

How it works: Need help structuring or showcasing your resources digitally? Want to know the best practices for a customer service topic? Our team of subject matter experts and instructional designers is available to advise you.


Staffing Up: How to Setup Remote Training the Right Way

Your commitment to customer experience has led you to hire more remote staff to keep up with your demand. Bravo! Now, what? If you relied on in-person or group training sessions in the past, you may face challenges today.

New hires help you in the long run, but they can take up a lot of your short-term bandwidth. Experienced employees, who were once the go-to people, may not be available to help train. These employees may have time constraints or critical work to do.